Computer Repair by CPR for PCS
Phone: 251-809-2784 - Toll free at: 1-888-759-8448
     Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5pm - Saturday 8am to 12am
Computer Repair, Parts, and Sales
Affordable -  Fast - Friendly - Down-to-Earth - All Work Guaranteed - All Jobs by Permission Only - No Hidden Costs
We repair all makes and models of laptops and desktops that run Microsoft Windows.
Service calls are available to your location if needed.

We stock a complete line of universal parts and can order any brand-specific part that
you may need.

Listed below are just a few of the many repairs that we do on a daily basis.

> Virus Removal and Repair the Damage caused by Viruses

> Upgrades for Your Present Computer

> Complete System Tune-Ups to restore reliability and Speed

Install and configure Programs and Applications

> Install and configure New Parts and Accessories

> Install wired and wireless Home Networks

> Install wired and wireless small Business Networks

> Laptop Screen Replacement
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